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What's the Best Rug Size for your Space?

What's the Best Rug Size for your Space?


Knowing what size rug you should buy is tricky because there is no one right answer.

In fact, it depends on many factors including the size of the room, the type of room and the look you are going for. Standard area rug sizes are 5x7, 8x10 and 9x12 and runner rugs are typically 3x7 or 3x9. Moroccan rugs, which are usually handmade, can vary widely in sizing which we believe is part of their charm!

For bedrooms

People often like to place their rug at the foot of the bed or under the bed, to create a cozy feeling (after all, putting your feet on a plush wool carpet is always a good way to wake up). The typical size for such a rug would be 8x10 or 9x12 for a queen or king size bed. A smaller rug can also look great in a bedroom. Smaller rugs with often  irregular sizing can be kept by the bedside. If your room is large enough you can 2 smaller rugs on each bedside for a nice symmetrical look.

For living rooms

The main factor is size and taste. In smaller living areas, a 5x7 rug can be enough to create a warm look without making the space look small. In standard living areas, 8x10 rugs are perfect to frame the room and create coziness.

People with larger living rooms (10x13 feet and more) should definitely opt for 9x12 rugs. These rugs act like statement pieces, works of art and furniture all at once. Indeed not only are rugs comfy on the feet but they are also great areas to lounge (or even nap).

Interior designers will say that the furniture should sit over the rug entirely or partly but never be too small that it leaves a space between it and the furniture. We don't believe this rule to be true in all cases!

For Hallways

Shopping for runner rugs can be difficult since no two hallways are the same in length and width. A rule of thumb is to leave 2 to 3 inches of space on each side of your hallway to let it breathe. So for instance if your hallway has a width of 4 feet, try to find a runner around 3.5 to 3.6 inches wide.

As for length, it should go from the start of the hallway to the furthest door entry.

Small rugs

Smaller rugs are great to add a touch of style to office rooms, entrances or as a bridge between rooms. The sizing for such rugs would fall into the 3x6 range. Because they don't take up much space, you can be more daring in your selection and opt for bright colours and motives

Rules are made to be broken

While some tips can help you design your home in a more harmonious way, when it comes to shopping for rugs, find a rug you’ll enjoy for years no matter the setting or size. If you find a piece that brings you happiness, we promise you will find the perfect space for it!

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